Save is from the Hands of Jamb and Mr.Adamu Adamu

Hello to Everyone! I’m Ismail Ahmed from a village
called Tsaure in Kano State. I came from a poor
family but that doesn’t discourage my father to send
me school.
I want to share my sad story with lovely Nigerians
about how JAMB is trying to destroy our futures with
the help of Minister of Education, Mr.Adamu Adamu.
2nd March 2016 is unforgettable day in the history of
my life! Is the day all my hardworking and sleepless
night to pass my UTME Examination was frustrated
and rewarded with failure by Jamb. The Exams i
should write at 2pm was delayed to 5pm. We were
left helplessly inside the scorching sun for JAMB to
screen us. Some of the candidates were screened
why some are just allowed to enter due to time
It’s really unfortunate that we were left with
substandard computers to write the Exams. The
most painful part of it, is how the Generator just shut
down! After spending only 50mins. It took the
operators good 30mins before they fixed the problem.
This happened twice during the Examination and we
were left with little time to answer more than 200
questions out of 300 Objectives questions. What
surprise me most is how some selected candidates
were assisted with the answers by a agent inside the
hall. which after the Exams, i later found out that
those candidates paid for special centres.
This is injustice! The following day when my scores
were sent to me, i wasn’t surprise when i scored 230
due to the problem we faced. but what surprised me
most is how i was given the highest scores in English
Language when i didn’t answers most of the
questions due to shortage of time.
Why my best subject Biology, which i’m 100% sure i
won’t score below 46 out of the 50 objectives
questions was given the lowest scores. All those
problems ranging from irregularities, substandard
computers, power failure, cheating, wrong tally of
scores not only happened in Kings Garden Brigade
Exams centre Kano but almost part of the country
experience some of those problems.
Which the Registrar of Jamb, Prof. Dibu blamed
those Exam centres that hired equipment to passed
the accreditation. If it’s in develop country, prof. Dibu
would have been summoned to explain it.
But it’s really unfortunate that Jamb and Mr.Adamu
is trying to silent those victims of 2016 UTME. This
are the questions i keep asking myself! Why will
Mr.Adamu just woke up one day to destroy the future
of those candidate that were victimised by JAMB?
How can we be given admission with those low
scores that Jamb unjustly gave us? Why will Mr.
Adamu scrapped post-UTME after 2016 UTME
Examinations instead of before 2016 UTME

You can’t just change the rules of a game when the
game is still going. It’s either you change the rules
before or after game. Why will Mr.Adamu just
cancelled post- UTME without consultation with the
victims of 2016 UTME and Universities?
Why will Mr. Adamu not go deeply into the root of
the issue? Why will Mr.Adamu won’t make a research
in Universities to find out if those best students in
100level and 200level are the ones with highest
scores in Jamb or low scores in Jamb? Why is Mr.
Adamu trying to leave us in the hands of a
substandard Board?
Is Mr.Adamu not aware of Miracle centres where
your money will gives you a very high score in Jamb?
Is Mr.Adamu not aware of some special centres
where lazy students pay huge sum of Money without
even sitting for the Exams to get good grades in
WAEC and NECO? But today, those are the kind of
people Mr.Adamu wants to favour in getting
admission not those that are hardworking.
If not because of post-UTME, most of the poor
helpless brilliant masses wouldn’t have gotten
This will only encourage corruption in the system. I’m
pleading with Mr.President, Senators, House of Reps,
Governors and Nigerians to please save us in the
hands of Jamb and Adamu Adamu. please share it so
that those 2016 UTME victims will get Justices!!

Source – News24 Nigeria