‘Nine rescued Chibok girls missing on #BBOG list’

‘Nine rescued Chibok girls missing on #BBOG list’

The #BringBackOurGirls (#BBOG) advocacy group said on Thursday that nine out of the 82 Chibok girls rescued recently were not on their list.The group said six out of the nine girls were found on the West African Examination Council (WAEC) results sheet, while three were not found at all.

A member of the #BBOG group, Hosea Tsambido, stated this during the group’s daily sitout in Abuja.

He said the group believed the girls’ parents gave them different names during collation of the girls’ statistics after the abduction.

He said: “We believed that some of the rescued girls were using different names from the names they registered their WAEC with. That is why we cannot match the names of the nine rescued girls with the ones we collected after the abduction.

“Amongst the nine girls, six of the names appeared on the WAEC result list. Maybe their parents gave different names when their statistics where being taken after the abduction while the other three, their names are not on the WAEC or #BBOG list. So maybe the names they gave were different from the ones on the WAEC list.

“One example is the case of Maida Yakubu. Everyone knows her with Maida but her true name is Dorcas. If she had been rescued, you will realise that the name Maida will not be on the list. Many of the girls I believe may be like that.”