Nigerians react to militants threat to destroy more facilities

Nigerians react to militants threat to destroy more facilities

​Great controversy has been stirred all over social media, following

reports that Militants in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria have

asked residents around major oil and gas facilities across the

region to evacuate with immediate effect, in order not to end up

as casualties of militancy.

Nigerians have reacted to the troubling report, below are the

varied views on the issue which is stirring great rift all over social


Young Josiah who took things a bit tribal, said: “An army known as

the Niger-delta Avengers shot down another of the two Nigerian

Air force fighting jet today. The six of the jets that went on

attacking mission today to bomb the creeks were met with strong

fire power from the Niger-Delta freedom fighters.

We must ask ourselves this question why is it that while the process

of dialogue and negotiation is been initiated, the draconian

Nigerian state with is instruments of oppression and internal

slavery attacked the creeks with high vehemence only for the ever

alert and formidable fighting machineries of the Niger-Delta to

shoot down two of their oppressing instruments known as their

alpha jet fighting air planes.
The Avengers warned “The Yoruba people of Nigeria is cautioned “I

repeat again, the people and elite of Oduduwa Republic must

inevitably stay out of this war and be prepared to declare an

Oduduwa Republic. God has given the Yoruba people natural

resources and capable human resources to survival and

progressively developed as a people and a nation within their own

indigenous geography.

This current war to keep Nigeria one by force and death is a

draconian agenda of the core-north and the caliphate, which they

cannot and will never win. Nigeria has broken up already. Be

prepared for the last stage of its demise.

I am warning all the Yoruba now, who still feel there is a hope

somehow in Nigeria when such is illusory and do not exist” .

Esther Omorere said: “Pls ask Buhari about Ogoni cleanup. Another

scam !you milk Niger Delta yet leave the place in a sorry state wre

other means of lively hood is impossible. has one of the worse power conditions despite its great

resources used in developing almighty Nigeria, road ? Education?


Just no encouraging means of growth,and you still expect us to

continue suffering and smiling with the slogan ‘e go better’ . This

change only you and me and effect even if it means fighting for


Zulu Donatus was of the opinion that “Destruction of facilities may

cause catastrophe and it may lead to so many unwanted situations

in Nigeria . Guys take things easy and embrace dialogue. The only

problem that remains is that Buhari’s govt is till one sided and it

causes problems.”
In what seem like a reply to Donatus’ assertion, Betral Smart said:

“How can a sincere govt call for dialogue in a region and at the

same time launche a military operation in the same region?

FG called for dialogue with the avengers, this call made the

avenger to cease fire awaiting the dialogue with FG,,,,, instead of

FG to dialogue with them as planned, they foolishly start their

offences “operation crocodile smile” which shows that they(FG)

prefers war to their initial call for dialogue,,,,, that is calling for

dialogue and at thesame time calling for war.

U don’t dialogue with military offences .,, Now cease fire is

over,,,.,I don’t think the militants will ever trust the FG’s call for

dialogue again.”

Oyakunle Oluwatosin Olatayo said: “War is knocking Nigeria’s door

but Idnt pray for it. If separation can settle this case,please let

us sit and discuss on it.

I dnt pray for slain liberty but peaceful one. Also,it not by force

to live together for life. Nigeria case is like weed and seed, we

need to separate it.

Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo must have their own nation,we are not

friend but our cankerworm politicians are forcing us to live

together because of their own interest.

Stephen Zion Echeruo said: “War is on the way. like seriously…! so

Let all of us prepare our minds to end this country once and for

all. let make sure we all die, so there ll be nothing like Nigeria

anymore. coz ever since they created the country… we have been

at war against each other. Let’s end everything.”

Joseph Philips said: “Buhari should think twice because as I see this

is going, he can’t win this war, unless he wants quick unexpected

breakup, why cnt govt listen to the people they are ruling, dialogue

remains the option.

Israel Hybrid David said: “Bombing oil facilities to me is a cowardly

silly act if they av what it takes to face the army or fed govt they

should go all out n fight or throw their bombs at PMB’s Aso villa,

abeg leave we oil pipelines o!” he lamented.

Baba Frank said: “Today they are laying down arms tomorrow they

will not surrender. The army should move quickly to end this


Meanwhile, state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corp

(NNPC)said on Sunday that security challenges in the oil producing

Niger Delta region, where production facilities have been hit by

militants, could cripple the company and the Nigerian economy, if

the unrest is not urgently checked.
“If the current situation [in the delta] remains unchecked, it could

lead to the crippling of the Corporation and the nation’s oil and

gas sector, the mainstay of the Nigerian economy,” NNPC said in a


Nigeria has already slipped into a recession, as its oil output

slumped to 1.69 million b/d in the second quarter of this year due

to renewed militancy in the Niger Delta, according to data released

August 31 by the National Bureau of Statistics.

“Insecurity is threatening production and damaging the Niger

Delta environment. There is the urgent need for government and

security agencies to refocus as well as engage the various host

communities … toward finding a lasting solution to the present

unrest,” NNPC said.

NNPC, which manages government interest in joint venture oil

businesses with foreign companies, recorded a deficit of Naira

26.51 billion ($84 million) in June due to attacks on oil pipelines,

S&P Global Platts previously reported.

The corporation continues to struggle to provide the required cash

calls to fund joint venture oil projects, and is indebted to its

foreign partners to the tune of over $6 billion.

The militant group Niger Delta Avengers, responsible for most of

the attacks on the oil facilities said early this month that it was

observing a ceasefire to allow for negotiations with the

government. But other splinter militant groups in the region

continued to carry out intermittent attacks on the facilities.