Nigerian University Develops Prototype of Crude oil Refinery

The Ahmadu Bello University
(ABU), Zaria, Kaduna state, has
developed a prototype of a crude
oil refinery with a capacity of
refining one barrel of crude oil
per day, Vice Chancellor of the
university, Prof. Ibrahim Garba,
has stated.
“This is a prototype refinery that
runs on one barrel a day. It is a
very long term project, we started
it then Raw Materials
Development Council came in to
“The project being built in stages,
so far we can produce petrol
(PMS) and diesel. We need more
support from potential supporters
and investors to take it to the next
level,” said the vice chancellor.
He said the university had signed
an agreement with Kaduna
Refinery and Petrol Chemical
Company (KRPC) on supply of
crude oil but they were yet to
fulfil their obligation.

– News Agency of Nigeria