Laptop Fee In UNN Causes Hardship Among Students

Laptop Fee In UNN Causes Hardship Among Students

This issue has obviously lingered. UNN belongs to

the Fed. Govt.; let them intervene.

Let me summarise: UNN VC, simply known as Dr.

Ozumba compelled all the newly admitted students

of UNN to pay 70,000 naira as Laptop Fee which

the school will supply. The fee has caused a lot of

hardship in the new intakes as it escalated the

school fees to 170,000 naira.

Acceptance fee: 25,000

School fees: 60 – 65,000

Laptop fee: 70,000

Accommodation: 10,000(boys) 11,000(girls)

Total: 165,000 – 171,000

The students have expressed their discomfort

with this to no avail. They are of the view that

some have laptops already, some say that they

can get a nice Laptop with just 40,000. Yet the

case the case still remains “No laptop fee, no

clearance in UNN”

The SUG on their own have not done a thing

concrete to reverse this. That’s the summary of

the status quo in UNN now.