Konga sponsors 10 motherless childrento Audax Code School

Ten motherless children who were sponsored by Konga have graduated from the Audax Code School which specialises in fostering long lasting interest in technology-based careers and developing vital problem solving skills that will be essential in the future. These beneficiaries were excited and privileged to be among the 93 kids who graduated from the 2015 summer classes.

During the period of the training, they were exposed to real life practicals and allowed to develop personal websites and design their own games in addition to teaching them the place of coding in the fast growing digital age. Happy to be part of this initiative, Konga’s Marketing Associate, Nneka Obiano, at the graduation and presentation of certificates to the graduands, said Konga was happy to invest in the future of these young ones eager to learn how to use technology to solve problems in the near future.

She said “As a tech-based company empowering the next generation of tech minds out of Nigeria, this initiative naturally aligns with our focus. We are particularly pleased to have been part of empowering these motherless children to acquire the web skills like their peers in the society. “We believe that the country has many children with the potentials of being among the best in the world in the area of information technology if given the right exposure and encouragement, and we believe that these children could be part of this number.”

Appreciating Konga for its financial commitment, Audax Solutions’ Business Director, Emeka Onyenwe, noted that Audax Code School came to be as a result of the challenges facing web solutions companies sourcing personnel in Nigeria.  He added that the school aims at training children in web programming so that before they get to adulthood, they would have honed these skills to a satisfactory level.