How UNILAG Doctors Abandoned Electrocuted Student To Die

How UNILAG Doctors Abandoned Electrocuted Student To Die

Academic activities at the university have been grounded since the incident happened, as the students of the institution took to the campus to express their displeasure over the mishap.

On visiting the family of the deceased on Thursday, Nkem, a lawyer, stated that both women were initially rushed alive to the medical centre, and Oluchi’s death was as a result of late treatment.

“It was not only Oluchi that the wire fell on; it also injured Uju. I got to know about the incident at about 8pm. I quickly rushed to the university’s medical centre. When I got there, Uju told me that she and Oluchi had held each other’s hands as they walked to the hostel.

“The wire fell on Oluchi’s left arm, and the two of them were electrocuted. Oluchi lost consciousness immediately, while Uju managed to call out to passersby to help them.

“Both of them were rushed to the medical centre. The officials on duty requested their identity cards and said they would not do anything until the cards were brought. When I got to the centre, Oluchi was alive, as her eyes were open and her body was warm and normal, but only her left arm was stiff. I asked the medical personnel if any first-aid was given to her, but they did not reply me,” she said.

The father of the deceased, Chief Basil Anekwe, while expressing his disgust at the incident, said the family was at a loss.h reports say that doctors’ negligence was responsible for the death of Oluchi Anekwe, the student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, who died on Tuesday after being electrocuted, and not just the electrocution.

According to the victim’s sister, Nkem Anekwe, the refusal of the institution’s medical centre to attend to Oluchi as soon as possible was the real reason the first-class student died on Tuesday, September 8.

The Punch reports that the same high-tension wire that caused the death of Oluchi also fell on her younger sister, Uju Anekwe, when they were returning from an evening mass on Tuesday, but the latter survived.