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Our ICT includes Online Bio-registration, Website development and Management, Apps development Management of ICT security system, Management of ICT security systemm and more..

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Get All the Efficient and Cutting Edge Technologies that your Institution Needs to get Ahead

Our ICT Services for Schools creates secure and safe networks, offers support to all your staff in order to enhance their learning and the use of technology in education. We have a full range of IT support, we provide regularly scheduled maintenance visits and rapid responses to problems via remote access and on-site support.

Our ICT includes Online Bio-registration, Website development and Management, Apps development Management of ICT security system, Management of ICT security systemm and more..


Online Bio-registration

We can help you design, deploy, maintain and support hosted bio registration system using cloud based technologies that is tailor made to fit your objective without stretching your budget. It can be integrated into your existing applications or deploy as a stand alone application.


Website development and Management

Do you want a clean, sharp, professional website design that will adapt to the future growth of your business or organization? You have found your answer with our professional web design services.



Here your plans meet with our passion for design and your dreams match our dedication to providing unique, customized web design services that turns your vision into success.




  • Integrated With School Portal Software (SPS)
  • Content Management System – The portal will be developed with our award winning Hotel CMS, making editing your website and managing content as simple as ABC
  • Fully responsive website
  • Online Database Management System
  • Unlimited Pages for any content you want to upload
  • Unlimited Sub Websites for all the subsidiaries you
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • Online Registrations and Process Automation
  • Internet Marketing and Online Advertising
  • Social Networking and Social media Integration
  • Online Payment System
  • Slides and Animation
  • Gallery
  • Professional graphics design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Unlimited email addresses.
    (anything@yourwebsite.com, info@yourschoolname.com, etc)
  • Free Training for Teachers and Administrators
  • …and many more

We can also provide ongoing website maintenance service and manage your web hosting and domain name registration.



School Management System

With Crown Consults, School Management is simple. We set up can help you set up a secured, user friendly and flexible School Management System  that automates and streamlines all the processes, departments and functions of a school leading to enhanced productivity, transparency and control.

It has everything your school needs:features

Admission, Student Profile and Login, Parent/Teacher Collaboration, Student Result and Grading, Subject/Course Management, Student Attendance, Time Table, Fees, Library, Transcript, Alumni, Payroll, etc.

Benefits for Management

  • Single point school management system
  • Easy to Use and maintain (We will train your staff for FREE)
  • Time saving communication among the management, staff and parents
  • Integrated application with smart card/barcode/RFID card
  • Global outlook and exposure for the school and its constituents
  • Paperless transaction in overall management processes
  • Immediate data retrieval through customizable reports
  • Compatible on LAN and Internet
  • Fully automated staff and student administration
  • Staff evaluation through online polls

Benefits for Staff

  • Complete attendance administration
  • Post assignments and notes/lessons on school online portal
  • Automated timetable scheduling and exam management
  • Online exam evaluation and assessment
  • Attendance tracking using Barcode/RFID card
  • Successful and effective communication with parents
  • Online feedback from parents and students through polls

Benefits for Students

  • Online application for admission
  • SMS/email alerts regarding application and admission status
  • Write exams online
  • Smooth access of exams & assignment results online
  • SMS/email reminders for fees and library media that are due
  • Staff performance evaluation through opinion polls
  • Online forum participation to express student’s views
  • Online collaboration on projects with other students
  • Access library OPAC search to browse library contents
  • Fully functional e-mail on school website with POP access
  • Exam timetables, event schedules and results posted on school website and sent via SMS/email.

Benefits for Parents

  • Multiple student access for parents with more than one child at the school
  • Instant SMS notification on student’s absence from the school
  • SMS/email alerts on fee due reminders and fees paid
  • View assignments set and continuous evaluation marks awarded
  • Access disciplinary actions and medical record of the student
  • View syllabus, notice board, exam schedules and holiday settings online
  • SMS/email alerts on exam/event results
  • Active participation in discussion forums and opinion polls


Apps Development

We help schools and educational institutions with the plan, design, development, deployment and maintenance of apps (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, BBM, etc). With apps, your can automate your processes and enhance productivity for teachers, students and parents.


100 Million Nigerians Have Mobile Phone…
Your mobile app takes your school or institution to them in their phone.

Its like having 100 million branches.




Computer Based Testing (CBT)

cbt-crown-consults-nigeriaCrown CBT is a Computer-Based Testing and assesment system that enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver, and report on quizzes, tests and exams. It is a professional computerized testing application that makes testing easier for students and administrators.

Crown CBT provides a window, where admin can configure many parameters related to exams and questions. For example, admin can assign a name to the exam, set time, set the number of questions, add instructions, etc. Other settings will let the admin decide whether the examiner allows a calculator, Four Figure table, Periodic table etc to be used or not.


Crown CBT is cloud based; it does not require internet connection. With Smart CBT all assessment phases are automated: authoring, scheduling, delivering, and reporting. It’s easy to use and does not require expensive hardware to run, nor additional commercial software. Smart CBT also contains JAMB, POST JAMB, WAEC, JSSCE Past questions.

Our ICT includes Online Bio-registration, Website development and Management, Apps development Management of ICT security system, Management of ICT security systemm and more..

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