China To Give 40 Scholarships To Nigerian Students

China To Give 40 Scholarships To Nigerian Students


The People’s Republic of China is planning to increase the number of scholarship for Nigerian students from 25 to 40 by 2016, the Chinese Embassy has said.

Cultural Councilor of the embassy Yan Xiangdong, who stated this while addressing journalist at the embassy in Abuja, said that China has also developed learning centres in Nigeria to meet the demand of learning the Chinese language.

He said “we are working very hard with the Ministry of Education in China to get more scholarships for Nigerian students. Starting from next year, the number of scholarship will be increased from 25 to 40 so that more students will be able to study with scholarship in China.”

According to him, “we are partnering with the scholarship board, supervised by the Ministry of Education. We understand that Nigeria holds national examination every year and students are picked for scholarship according to the results and interest of the students who apply to study abroad.”

Xiangdong further stated that demand for learning the Chinese language in Nigeria was actually growing very high and that they were also working very hard to bring in more Chinese teachers to Nigeria.