For Employers?

 1. Advertise Your Job Opening For Free
Have the opportunity to advertise for any position on our website .
2. Send The Best To You
We take our time to train and properly equip our applicants to make them suitable for any job position you may have. we constantly train and retrain them to ensure they deliver the best services. we also award them to boost productivity.
3. We Provide Welfare
Once our applicants are employed by you, we provide them with accommodation so that their state of residency wouldn’t be a problem and we also take care of their welfare.
4. Salary Payment
Our Applicants are given to you as a contract staff, their salaries will be paid from 25th of the month to the 1st working day in the new month into our company’s bank account as we will pay them directly.
 failure to pay that will attract 2% increment of the salary payment and we would withdraw their services if salaries are not paid back to back for 3 months

For Candidates

1. Upload Your CV
We take the time to Screen your CV and send them ti the schools that best suit it.
2. Get Our Free Training.
Lets train and prepare you for the school that needs your services. Our training will be organized in location closer to you.
3. Become Our Responsibility 
Once the school employs you, we take the time to ensure your salary is paid from 25th of the month, however if the school does not still pay you before the first working day in the new month, we will pay you from our purse and we also provide you with location so as to enable you get employed in states outside of your state of residency.
4. Be Us
As our staff, we take care of your welfare and also provide you with our company’s branded blazers to be worn from Mondays through Wednesdays and branded natives to be worn on Fridays. We believe that your appearance matters.
5. Be Rewarded
Stand a chance to be among the 6 best teachers to be picked from the 6 Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria and be given international certified training