Are you an experienced teacher that is exceptionally brilliant in Mathematics, Physics, Economics or any other subject looking to grow your personal home tutoring business?

Crown Edu Jobs provides an avenue for experienced teachers to manage and grow there home tutoring business. Did you know that there are over 500,000 parents in Lagos alone are willing to pay premium (probably equal to or more than your regular school salary) to teach their kids or even them according to professional standard ?


Teachers constantly face the battle of finding new students to teach at home. Crown Edu Jobs help you get more students without having to invest tons of time and money on marketing. With a FREE profile on Crown Edu Jobs, the largest online marketplace for matching students and teachers, your skills will be visible to thousands of students who search our site every day for teachers like you.

Crown Edu Jobs handles marketing, technology and customer support so you can focus on tutoring

Who are the tutors we would like to work with ?

In recent times we have been able to prepare over 1600 students for several exams and we take a lot of pride in all our tutors. We select only the best of the best undergraduates or fresh graduates. See criteria we use to select tutors we work with below ;

  1. An undergrad, recent graduate or experienced teacher
  2. Not younger than 18 and not older than 50 as at January 1st 2016
  3. Very fluent in English with good computer skills/literacy
  4. Very versatile in chosen area of speciality. For instance a tutor that wants to lecture Mathematices would really be a maths guru!.
  5. Very honest, humble, hardworking and Godfearing

Benefits of Becoming A Home Teacher

Teachers often spend more time on paperwork than they do teaching. That’s a problem for teachers and students eager to learn. With Crown Edu Jobs, you can manage your entire business from client information to scheduling and earnings in one place. With our free solution, you can reset the balance of power: more teaching, less paperwork. You don’t have to bother about Parents that refuse to pay on time.

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How It Works

Once we receive your application to become a home tutor, we would :

  • 1. Evaluate your application
  • 2. Call interesting applicants for a quick phone interview
  • 3. Invite teachers that pass the phone interview for a physical interview
  • 4. Reply successful teachers

For teachers that require additional training, they go through an intensive training required to adapt them to become our certified home teacher.

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